Research Proposal

Impact of COVID-19 on PreK and K-12 Education in the US.


To obtain the latest information on the state of PreK, K-12 education as a result from Covid-19, specifically the impact on the 2020-21 school year for the United States overall and in the states of Florida, Texas, California, and New York. Insights will be used to inform the launch of a supplemental math product for students in PreK to 2nd grade.

Early Findings

  • As many experts argue, it is hard to see more than a few days into the future of schools, given the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Currently, most schools have resorted to measures such as interaction via mail while others have resorted to digital tools such as Zoom to recreate the school setting.
  • Other schools have considered online tutoring and practice programs, making use of videos for the same.
  • In the US generally, experts are foreseeing a scenario whereby there will be increased use of online tools, to discourage as much physical interaction as possible.
  • There will be significant changes in the calendar year 2020/2021, and more emphasis is likely to be on personalized learning.
  • If things remain the way they are, chances are high that there will be a significant shift towards homeschooling and entirely virtual instructions.
  • NWEA researchers in their findings stated that “students will return in fall 2020 with roughly 70% of the learning gains in reading relative to a typical school year. However, in mathematics, students are likely to show much smaller learning gains, returning with less than 50% of the learning gains and in some grades, nearly a full year behind what we would observe in normal conditions.”
  • According to a Forbes article published in May, “forest schools, micro-schools, online learning programs and homeschooling will likely become increasingly popular in the coming months. ”
  • As considerations for schools re-opening continue, most school districts are looking into multiple scenarios such as fully in-person classes, hybrid models, and remote learning only.

Summary of Early Findings

  • During the initial hour of research, we took a more general outlook to the state of education in the US, providing insights into expectations for the future around learning and schools reopening amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Due to time limitations, we could not delve deeper into the specified states.
  • The early findings outlined above will set the pace for our research team, who will conduct more in-depth and comprehensive research covering the desired areas.
  • Please proceed to choose one or more of the proposed next steps in the scoping section below.
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