Operational & Organizational Challenges


To determine the organizational and operational challenges that are faced by Domino Printing, US Wire & Cable Corporation, and PQ Corporation, including the key initiatives they are taking on to address the challenges. This research will be used to provide solutions for these companies.

Early Findings

PQ Corporation

Domino Printing

  • Domino Printing was established in 1978 and has established a reputation globally for the manufacture of marking, printing, and coding technologies.
  • It provides digital printers and control systems that create solutions for a variety of printing applications.
  • The company has over 2,800 employees and operations in more than 120 countries such as India, U.S., UK, and Germany.

U.S. Wire & Cable Corporation

  • U.S. Wire and Cable Corporation is an American company that has been in operation for more than 30 years.
  • It consists of three divisions that are leaders in their industries: power cord, industrial lighting, and garden hose sectors.
  • These three companies are Flexon Industries, U.S. Wire and Cable Corporation and Voltec Power & Lighting.
  • Flexon Industries manufactures quality garden hoses for home lawn and garden care and has been in operation for over 60 years.
  • Voltec Power & Lighting has been part of the corporation since 2016 and together with U.S. Wire and Cable, they offer power cords, lighting, and power distribution products and services.

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