Research Outline

Hide Rug Sourcing


To evaluate the sustainability and/or animal cruelty associated with hide rugs by identifying background information and statistics about hide rug sourcing, including the percentage of hide rugs that are made as a byproduct of the meat industry and what factors impact the sourcing for hide rugs (e.g., country of origin).

Early Findings

Sourcing of Hide Rugs

Summary of Initial Findings

  • The research team leveraged the first hour of research to assess the availability of the requested information about hide rug sourcing, as well as to provide a summary of initial findings.
  • Although a geographic focus for this project was not explicitly stated, the associated requests implied a global focus. If a more narrow focus should be used for subsequent research (e.g., United States), this would need to be specified in a follow-up comment.
  • Notably, it appears that quantitative data about the hide rug industry is particularly limited, given that most industry trades provide primarily qualitative insights on the market, while available industry reports are available only for the larger carpet and rug-market.
  • Despite this challenge, the research team was able to provide qualitative information on the portion of hide rugs that are made as a byproduct of the meat industry. Additionally, the research team located meaningful insight into how a rug's country of origin may impact its sourcing.
  • Based on this availability of information, we recommend proceeding with one or more of the following proposed next steps.