Research Outline

Scaling Consultant Services: Packaging & Pricing


To inform the packaging and pricing of services from Wise Profits by obtaining background information on how other scaling consultants are packaging and pricing their offerings (ideally for clients that are similar in size to Wise Profits). Additionally, to provide background information on these competitors including the following data points: Annual Revenue, Employee Count, Founder Name, Founder LinkedIn Profile Link, Market Niche, Core Problem They Solve, Target Customer, Monthly Unique Visitors to Website, Certifications and/or Association Memberships.

Early Findings

Research Methodology & Initial Output

  • Recognizing that the primary goal of this research project is to obtain data related to how competitors price and package their services, and considering that pricing information is generally the most difficult to obtain from the public domain (given that consultants often do not publicly disclose their fee amount and/or structure), the research team spent the first portion of this initial research period to confirm the availability of service pricing and packaging information among scaling consultants.
  • Specifically, the research team first validated that there was no pre-compiled information in the public domain that provided data on the average/typical fees or service packages offered by scaling consultants. We would not recommend further, generalized research on this subject, as it is unlikely to yield the desired information.
  • As an alternate strategy, the research team systematically reviewed the websites for the 17 scaling consultant businesses that were provided. Please note, the websites for three of these businesses appeared to be defunct, and were therefore not evaluated (i.e.,,,
  • This initial but thorough review process confirmed that service pricing/packaging information is publicly available for the following key competitors:
    • Scaling Up (link to pricing/packaging here).
    • See Metrics Partners (link to pricing/packaging here).
    • 2X (link to pricing/packaging here).
    • Trium Group (link to pricing/packaging here, here, here and here).
    • Anton Jae (link to pricing/packaging here and here).
  • Next, the research team adapted the provided spreadsheet into a custom spreadsheet, which is available at this link here.
  • The pricing/packaging data points that were obtained for the five preceding competitors were also entered into this spreadsheet.