StoryMint: Social Media Handle Research


To find out which social media handles similar to "StoryMint" are currently being used on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok. This research would be used to launch social media accounts for a project called StoryMint.

Early Findings

In the attached spreadsheet, the availability of social media handles similar to StoryMint on Facebook and Twitter has been provided. In subsequent research, the research team would investigate the remaining social media platforms.
  • On Facebook, there is a page named "The Story Mint".
  • The following usernames/handles are not owned by any user on Facebook currently: StoryMint, StoryMintApp, TryStoryMint, StoryMintNow, and StoryMintContent.
  • On Twitter, these usernames are currently being used: "@storymint" and "@thestorymint". All other variations of the handle provided are still available and unclaimed.

Proposed next steps:

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