Research Proposal

I need to know how many transactional mail pieces (statements, invoices, etc.) are sent annually by Financial Services (banks, c


To find out the number of transactional mail pieces sent annually by financial services, healthcare, and utilities by subverticals and delineated by physical vs. electronic.

Early Findings

  • As per USPS, households sent or received 24.1 billion pieces of transactional mail in 2016.
  • 67% of these transactional mails were bills, which were the highest as compared to other types of transactional mail.
  • According to previous research, 2 billion transcational mail pieces were projected to be delivered to digital mailboxes of consumers in the US in 2015.
  • According to USPS, 91% of the consumers of a major utility company in the US preferred to receive their bills via mail even though they preferred to pay them online.
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