I need to know how many transactional mail pieces (statements, invoices, etc.) are sent annually by Financial Services (banks, c


To find out the number of transactional mail pieces sent annually by financial services, healthcare, and utilities by subverticals and delineated by physical vs. electronic.

Early Findings

  • As per USPS, households sent or received 24.1 billion pieces of transactional mail in 2016.
  • 67% of these transactional mails were bills, which were the highest as compared to other types of transactional mail.
  • According to previous research, 2 billion transcational mail pieces were projected to be delivered to digital mailboxes of consumers in the US in 2015.
  • According to USPS, 91% of the consumers of a major utility company in the US preferred to receive their bills via mail even though they preferred to pay them online.

Proposed next steps:

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Information pertaining to the volume of transactional mails by subverticals is sparse, however, we recommend looking for the numbers and revenues of the overall volume of transactional mails delineated by physical vs. electronic and also providing subvertical information wherever available. We recommend starting off with financial services and utilities sector only, as there does not seem to be enough information available for the healthcare sector. You can continue the research if you're satisfied with this initial piece of research.