Research Outline

Segment revenue: Pharmaceutical Chains in Europe


To identify the turnover of major pharmaceutical chains in the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany for the following categories including the revenue proportion of private label products: oral care, personal care, and diapers.

Early Findings

It was clear from our initial research that pharmaceutical chains do not usually publish product-level revenue information to the general public. These companies tend to publish revenue information on segmental performance and do not disclose further information on specific product revenues. The main findings from our initial research are as follows:


  • While there are more than 14,000 community pharmacies in the UK, the top 12 players hold 49.2% of the market. Boots dominates the market with 2376 pharmacies and a 33.3% share of the large-multiples market (owning 100 or more pharmacies).
  • The top 10 companies in the UK within the large-multiples sector ranked by the number of pharmacies owned are as follows: Boots Pharmacy, Lloydspharmacy, Well, Rowlands, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Day Lewis Pharmacy, Asda, Superdrug, and Cohens Chemist.
  • The UK personal care and cosmetics products market is a mature and saturated market with many competing brands and was worth $11.2 billion in 2015. The oral care market was worth approximately $788 billion in 2016.
  • Boots is the leading retailer in the UK personal care and cosmetics market accounting for 42% of the market with 2500 stores. Followed by Lloyds Pharmacy (1,650), Superdrug (900).
  • Boots Pharmacy and Lloydspharmacy, the 2 leading pharmaceutical chains in the UK, have not disclosed product-wise revenue information in their annual reports.
  • The following reports contain information relating to the product-level revenue breakdown of major pharmaceutical chains in Europe, but are behind paywalls: Research and Markets, Mordor Intelligence