Research Outline

Ways of E-book Selling


Gain insights into the online e-bookselling marketplace by understanding how brick and mortar bookshop deals, handles and sells ebooks and digital media.

Early Findings

  • With the situation orchestrated by the coronavirus pandemic, many physical bookstores have struggled with sales as they face stiff competition from independent bookstores and other retailers who could sell online.
  • Barnes and Noble company has made a name for itself in the ebook selling marketplace through Nook e-readers. “NOOKs are arguably the best alternative to a Kindle and their largest competitor in the market. The Barnes and Noble ebook store contains more than 3 million paid titles and 1 million free ebooks.”
  • During the first four years of introducing e-readers by Barnes and Noble, “the company made billions of dollars during the first four years of developing a series of e-readers, tablets and selling ebooks.”
  • Books A Million is selling ebooks through an electronic book reader platform where individuals can purchase and read books conveniently. In 2011, the bookstore partnered with Bluefire Productions to develop an ebook reader application known as Books-A-Million (BAM) Reader.
  • Another way to sell ebooks (if you are an independent bookseller) is through affiliate partners such as Kobo, which has “which offers more than 4 million eBooks downloadable over wifi or through the Kobo app. eBook availability varies by store.”