City Comprehensive Arts Programs


To understand the branding/marketing strategy of city comprehensive art programs that are publicly or privately sponsored and how these programs have been received by the public to answer the following key questions: How did they communicate their events/programs in corresponding cities, with samples of their communications? ( web, flyers, radio, TV) Were the events successful? Did people enjoy them? What were people's reactions to the marketing and the events/program? to develop a brand name, messaging, look and feel.
(Examples to focus on: BLINK in Cincinnati, Light City in Baltimore, Shakespeare in the Park (NYC) and The Wolf Trap in D.C. )

Early Findings

Our preliminary research on the branding/marketing strategy of city comprehensive art programs revealed insights. Here are key pieces of information we found:

City Comprehensive Arts Programs: Branding/Marketing Strategy

  • BLINK Cincinnati had their own website last year as a part of their branding and marketing strategy that was dedicated to communicating their programs and events to corresponding cities. Their website highlights other strategies such as: an official BLINK Cinncinnati app, their hashtag #BLINKcincinnati, a photo gallery, and an official commemorative book that is now available.
  • The Cincinnati USA Regional Tourism Network (RTN) is a destination marketing company with a website that features BLINK Cincinnati and communicates their programs and events to corresponding cities. There is a brief video about BLINK Cincinnati, general information, and social media links that are included.
  • BLINK Cincinnati has also been featured on the local TV stations of NBC affiliate WLWT 5, ABC affiliate WCPO 9, and FOX 19 to communicate their programs and events to corresponding cities. These TV stations include information with additional links and a guide on their digital media sites.
  • The Cincinnati Enquirer is a local newspaper that has covered BLINK Cincinnati in a variety of articles that has communicated their programs and events to corresponding cities with such topics as: "Blink Cincinnati: Best Way to Take in a Night of Blink" and "Blink by Numbers".
  • Another newspaper that has featured BLINK Cincinnati is the Dayton Journal-News that wrote an informational article that positively described their programs and events as "mesmerizing."
  • BLINK Cincinnati has been considered a success, with approximately 1.25 to 1.5 million people attending last year, making it "the largest crowd-generator the region has ever seen, and larger than any sporting event Cincinnati has held in the past, including World Series games."

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