Family Offices & Private Equity Firms


To compile a list of active family offices and private equity firms located in San Diego as well as their respective business information such as name, website, contact email of managing director, and investment strategy.

Early Findings

There are several active family offices and private equity firms operating in San Diego. Below are some of our findings:


  • The firm is located in San Diego and offers a vast array of family office services including personal financial planning, investment consulting, asset allocation, and legacy planning.
  • The firm's investment strategy features a four-step investment process including assessment and review, analysis and planning, implementation and execution, and monitoring and on-going management.

Company email:


  • The firm runs a family office in Saa Diego. It offers a comprehensive “do-it-all” service ranging from tax and investment reviews to asset protection and diversification.
  • According to its website, it focuses on "developing relationships, not client accounts," while developing trust and reliability.

Company email:


  • The private equity firm typically invests in commercial real estate, specifically multifamily apartment buildings. The firm is based in San Diego and has a total of $100 million worth of assets under management.
  • The firm's investment strategy involves acquiring properties, funding necessary renovations, and disposal of the asset at maximum profit.

Company email:


  • The firm is a private equity establishment located in San Diego. It primarily invests in B2B services, software, internet, and technology companies.
  • The firm investment approach seeks to collaborate with invested companies without getting in their way or overburdening companies with debt while working actively to align the interests of sellers, managers, investors, and executives.


Summary of Findings

  • In our initial hour of research, we were able to identify two family offices and two private equity firms operating in San Diego, California. We were also able to provide their respective business information such as name, website, contact email, and investment strategy.
  • The individual email address to their respective managing directors or CEOs is not publicly available, hence, we have provided the email contact to the respective businesses.

Proposed next steps:

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