List: Australian Laundry Pods OEMs


To provide a list of Australian OEMs of consumer laundry pods that white label products to other businesses/brands.

Early Findings

In the initial hour research, we were unable to determine many Australian OEMs of consumer laundry pods that white label their products for sale to businesses. We scoured through B2B marketplaces, government databases, and business aggregator websites such as Crunchbase and Hoovers to find the manufacturers. However, we were unable to find any company with these strategies. Next, we reviewed individual official websites of laundry detergent manufacturers to find out if they white label the products. We were able to find one company that manufactures in Australia but were unable to confirm if they also offer consumer laundry pods/capsules in this initial hour research.

1. Technichem

  • Technichem is an Australian manufacturer of "quality detergents, sanitizers, and chemical cleaning products." The company has over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing "liquid, gel, and powder cleaning products. "
  • The official website of the company mentions that they serve a variety of brands that sell under private labels.
  • Technichem's Address: "8 Cope Street, Preston Vic 3072 , Australia."
  • The company's official website can be accessed here.

Summary of the Initial Findings

  • Since there is limited information available specifically on consumer laundry pods/capsules Australian manufacturers, we recommend finding laundry detergent OEMs in Australia that offer white labeling to other businesses.

Research proposal:

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