Research Outline

Award-Winning Ad Campaigns - Food


To develop a comprehensive list of award-winning food ads and campaigns (featuring 6-second bumpers when possible) from the last ten years.

Early Findings


  • In response to a chicken shortage in the United Kingdom, KFC launched their 'FCK' campaign.
  • Known for its fried chicken, in 2018 KFC ran out of chicken. As a result they apologized with "a creative stunt: rearranging its name to spell FCK."
  • UK marketers named the campaign their favorite of the year, and it "won three golds and a silver at the 2018 Cannes Lions and took the Grand Prix for Campaign of the Year at the Marketing New Thinking Awards. It was also ranked the top press ad of the year by Campaign at the end of the year."
  • An image from the campaign can be seen in the attached document.

Campbell's Kitchen


  • Oreo's 'Wonderfilled' campaign won the 2014 Effie Gold Award.
  • The campaign ran as part of the brand's "101st birthday (and) included the 'Wonderfilled' song. One of their longest spots premiered alongside a Mad Men episode.. The jingle persisted for a few years, and the whimsy was contagious.



Though not specifically a food brand targeted for preparation at home, the KFC example has been included in the early findings due to it's multiple awards. The time constraints of these early findings limited the presentation of just a handful of examples, though it is anticipated that given the ten-year time frame requested, providing a list of at least 25 additional award-winning campaigns from food brands is not an unwarranted next step in the research process. Please also note that while embedded images cannot be provided in this brief, images from the campaigns identified will appear in all completed research. Emphasis will continue to placed on finding 6-second examples as possible, though it is likely that the bumper examples will be part of a larger award-winning campaign.