Research Proposal

Diversity and Inclusion Achievements for Science and Agriculture Technology Companies.


To provide a list of available awards for diversity and inclusion achievements for science and agriculture technology companies.

Early Findings

National Association for Female Executives (NAFE)

  • National Association for Female Executives (NAFE), is a diverse platform that welcomes members from all industries, including science and agriculture. Members are provided with a NAFE membership kit and card that details member information.
  • NAFE invites influential or corporate women with business experience to be keynote speakers at annual conferences, thus positioning these women to be nominated for important awards.
  • To be nominated as keynote speaker, executives and entrepreneurs are required to submit a written proposal to NAFE, where the proposal is evaluated and responded to.

CSIRO Medal for Diversity and Inclusion

  • CSIRO Medal is an award that seeks to recognize and promote outstanding works in diversity and inclusion.
  • CSIRO Medal, therefore, awards nominees based on how they directly advance the objectives of diversity and inclusion in their companies.
  • To be nominated for this award, nominees must, therefore, demonstrate impacts arising from their inclusive and diverse teams in various sectors such as science and agribusiness, among others.
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