Research Outline

List of US Companies Innovating in the HR-Tech Space With AI/Machine Learning


To identify companies in the HR-tech sector, with service offerings powered by AI and Machine Learning technologies, operating in the US, to understand this market.

Early Findings

We focused on reviewing online publications specialized in AI and Machine Learning business applications. One such website is emerj, which frequently publishes information about companies and case studies in the sector.

Our initial research uncovered the following companies:

  • Glint. Headquartered at Sunnyvale, California.
  • Phenom. With offices in Ambler, Pennsylvania and other locations around the world.
  • Workday. Founded in California and since becoming a global company.
  • EverythingBenefits. Located in New Providence, New Jersey.
  • Talentify. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida.
  • Scoutible. Founded in the United States and backed by investors such as Mark Cuban.

We also found evidence that there are ample resources on the web with more lists of HR-Tech companies. Some examples are: