Research Outline

Customs Agent Spain


To determine a list of mid-sized logistics companies/customs agents with courier licensing in Spain, specifically with a license to export.

Early Findings

  • There is a list of 928 import/exports agents located via EUROPAGES, a European B2B platform available in 26 linguistic versions. The list is narrowed to only those in Spain and includes a breakdown by 5 areas- Luxury & Leisure Products, Energy & Raw Materials, Agriculture & Livestock, Food & Related Products, and Leathers & Shoes.
  • The broader list of 928 import/export agencies (in SPAIN) includes Taan Comerc, Tradia global International and J.P.E. Trade Company SA.
  • offers filtration by service (Export Management) that can then be filtered by Industry Sector to establish a list to 89 service providers in Spain- among these are LabSupply, Mercuneva SL, Jesús Rubio S.A., Taisi Conservas de Frutas, Corporacion Luvienne, Inc., and Oleosur Alimentación.
  • There is also a list of 395 U.S. import/export agents that includes ICTET LLC, MAXIA EMC, Creative Findings LLC, BRIDGEPATHWAY LLC, and ezra schwartz, DBA Adriatic Export.
  • Industry sectors (Global Trade) include distribution for the following: Chemical Sales, Commodity Sales, Construction Sales, Consumer/Homegoods Sales, Electronics & Telecom, Energy Sales, Environmental Sales, Food/Agricultural Sales, Machinery Sales, Medical Products Sales, Metal Sales, Military Sales & Contracting, Plastics Sales, Textile/Apparel Sales, and Vehicle/Parts Sale.
A google spreadsheet has been provided to incorporate data for licensed import/export service providers in Spain. The spreadsheet can be used to create a list of each exporting agent- company name, industry sector and a brief overview of the focus area for the company. Additionally, there are 15 industry sectors listed on, so narrowing to what industry is needed would be beneficial; however, one company from each industry would be ideal to cover all areas. IF there is more relevant data needed in the spreadsheet, we ask that the client specify what data to include for further research.