Research Proposal

B2B Sales Enablement


Identify five of the top companies offering B2B sales enablement solutions.

Early Findings

  • According to G2, the best sales enablement software platforms are Highspot, Seismic, MindTickle, Outreach, and Showpad.
  • According to Trust Radius, the top sales enablement software platforms are Playbooks from XANT, Vidyard,,, Seismic, ClearSlide, Yesware, Pipedrive, LeadFuze, Brainshark, and Highspot.
  • Both Highspot, Showpad, and MindTickle have been recognized by Deloitte as fast growing sales enablement tools.
  • According to HubSpot, some of their competitors are Zendesk, HighSpot, Outreach, and Seismic.
  • Based on these mentions, the top sales enable software platforms are Highspot, Outreach, Seismic, Showpad and MindTickle.
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