Research Outline

Biosciences Online Communities


To provide a list of five bioscience online communities developed for industry development similar to adMare Academy Community ( For each, we will provide the name, a website link, the objective, the number of members, date of establishment, and impact data.

Early Findings

A list of three biosciences online communities developed for industry development includes BioCT, Fitzsimons Innovation Community, and the Swiss Biotech Association communities.


  • A website link to BioCT is provided herein.
  • BioCT is dedicated to “growing the vibrant bioscience ecosystem in Connecticut by supporting innovation, collaboration, networking, education, talent engagement, and advocacy.”
  • It brings together companies, entrepreneurs, investors, institutions, government, service providers, and other passionate, dedicated people to create a thriving community to improve patients’ lives and public health and drive economic growth.

Fitzsimons Innovation Community

  • A website link to the Fitzsimons Innovation Community is provided herein.
  • The community was established in the 1990s when the US Army decommissioned the hospital and base in Colorado.
  • Fitzsimons claims to be a leading Innovation Community that is boldly transforming the future of health and care.
  • It offers office spaces and specialized life sciences labs with the chance to work with researchers and clinicians at a world-class medical destination.

Swiss Biotech Association

  • A website link to the Swiss Biotech Association community is provided herein.
  • It was founded in 1998.
  • The Swiss Biotech Association developed its community for employees of member companies. The community "enables direct exchange between members, features a news section, provides files and information, shows discount codes for events, and enables discussions within specific platform topics."
  • The association has about six bio-related communities, including industrial biotechnology, antimicrobial resistance, clinical development and regulatory issues, therapeutic biologics, stem cells and advanced therapies, and rare diseases and orphan medicinal products.
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