Research Proposal

Primary Care Providers


To generate a list of all primary care providers in California and Texas. The list should include: name of clinic/physician, website link, number of doctors in clinic, locations, contact information (email/phone number), and pricing if available.

Early Findings


  • According to the Texas' Health and Human Services Department, all Texas counties had a total of 22,124 primary care physicians as at September 2019. Also, Harris County had the highest number (4,303 physicians) of primary care physicians.
  • According to Texas' Health and Human Services Department, primary care physicians are defined as “those who indicate that they have a primary specialty of general practice, family practice/medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and/or gynecology, or geriatrics and are a sub-set of direct patient care physicians.” Also, physicians are defined as doctors of osteopathy and medical doctors who are currently active and are non-federal.
  • Primary Care Providers of Texas is based in San Antonio, Texas, offers primary care services.
  • Texas Physicians Primary Care is based in Grand Prairie, Texas, and offers various services including, women's health, men's health, preventative care and testing services among others.
  • Primary Care Physicians of Texas, PA is located in Rowlett, Texas, and has three physicians.
  • The details for the above three primary care providers has been filled in the 'Texas' tab of the attached spreadsheet.

Summary of Findings

During the intial hour of research, a project spreadsheet was created and the details of three primary care providers in Texas was entered in rows 2-4. The pricing details of the three providers was not publicly available and hence 'n/a' was entered in the respective cells of the project spreadshet. Also, it was established that there were a total of 22,124 primary care physicians in Texas, as at September 2019. Additionally, due to time constraints, no research was conducted on the primary care providers in California
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