Research Outline

Restaurant Technology Analysis


To provide a list of all venture or angel-funded technology companies from the past 5 years that focus on in-restaurant ordering (i.e. dine-in ordering) or that include that feature as part of a larger offering. Examples of such companies include Bentobox and Bbot. The output of this research should be a list of relevant companies with links to their websites, with additional information about their investment stage and progress (e.g. funds raised).

Early Findings

  • Preliminary research had identified 54 possible companies that meet this description. These companies have been presented in the Possible Companies tab of the attached spreadsheet. This is not a comprehensive list and more companies are likely available as it appears there is a large number of players in this market. Additionally, only a high level of research was conducted to identify the companies in this list and a deeper level of analysis for each needs to be done to determine if its fully relevant and to collect the additional requested data about each.
  • To get started researching the identified restaurants, we have completed profiles for four of these companies and added this information to the Company Analysis tab of the spreadsheet.
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