Research Outline

Company Analysis Data Center Providers


To inform the marketing and PR strategy, the messaging, tone, audience, and channels of Compass Data Centers, Digital Realty, Equinix, CoreSite, Tierpoint, Vantage Data Centers, Align, and Stack are needed.

Early Findings


  • Compass Data Centers' tagline is "We deliver solutions, not just datacenters"
  • The company highlights that it works from the "core to the edge"
  • The company highlights rapid change (and its nimbleness) and that its solutions allows its clients to "adapt and thrive."
  • It highlights the need for customizable solutions.
  • The company highlights that it is able to deliver the data center needed in any geography within 6 months from a "pad ready site" and that this is possible due to its "patented customizable design" and "agile construction methodology"
  • Furthermore, the company highlights its experience. This includes its experience in site acquisition and it offers the client the possibility to build data centers on the client's land or Compass's land.

  • Compass Data Centers present themselves as experts.
  • The company highlights the years of experience it has and quantifies it by the dollar value of its projects.
  • Some examples of how the company presents itself:
  • "Compass is led by a team of professionals with extensive experience in designing, building and operating data centers"
  • On multiple occassions the company highlights that "Compass is led by a management team that has built and operated over $3 billion in data halls worldwide."
  • "Our years of industry experience provide us with a breadth of knowledge..."
  • Words that are highlighted and frequently used are "expertise", "experience", "knowledge",

  • The company focuses on Enterprises and Co-location Providers.
  • Some of its clients are Windstream Communications, American Electric Power, Tierpoint, Iron Mountain, Century Link, and Cyxtera.
  • Windstream Communications is a Fortune 500 company and has over 11,945 employees.
  • American Electric Power serves 11 states, has a territory of approximately 200,000 square miles and has approximately 18,000 employees.

  • In the initial hour of research, some information on Compass Data Centers' messaging, tone and audience was provided. Continued research would provide the rest of the information as well as information on competitors.