Research Outline

SYMPTOMsense - adoptability, competitors and limitations


To assess the adoptability of the device SYMPTOMsense at airports, train stations, mall entrances, hospitals and businesses in Russia, focusing the findings on news publications, possible competitor devices, site of manufacture and temperature dependent accuracy of results.

Early Findings

Adoptability within US and worldwide

Main competitors

  • There are currently no health scanning devices that provide information about blood oxygen levels, heart rate, respiration rate and body temperature. The devices that come closest to SYMPTOMsense include infrared body temperature measuring devices and scanners.
  • The top Infrared scanning devices currently in use are FevIR Scan Fever Screening System by Thermoteknix, RedSpeed scanners ($30,000/device), FLIR Systems ($5000-$15,000).
  • Thermal scanners however, cannot detect asymptomatic carriers for disease such as Covid-19 where patients may not exhibit a fever.

Site of Manufacture of SYMPTOMsense

  • The primary headquarter and manufacturing location for Soter Technologies is Ronkonkoma, New York. We found no evidence of site expansion over the past decade in any news articles which suggest New York is their primary site for SYMPTOMsense.

Temperature dependent accuracy of results

  • There are no news articles or scientific journals that provide evidence that freezing outside temperatures affect accuracy of results for SYMPTOMsense.