Research Outline

Market Mapping Of Small Offline Businesses


To identify companies that offer small/local offline businesses (such as self-employed or small retail businesses.)

Early Findings

  • From our findings, there are ten most popular small business categories in the United States, among these ten business categories, eight of them are off-line businesses. The eight most popular small, offline business categories are; health care, food services, recreation, personal trainer, auto repair, pet sitting, cafes and real estate. Below, we have provided the most popular companies that offer small/local businesses in some of these categories.
  • Health care: Eagle Rock Pharmacy is an example of a popular small retail business. They are located at 470 Pleasant Valley Way, West Orange, NJ 07052. They provide their community with pharmaceutical products, vitamins, supplements and medical supplies.
  • Food Services: Oink and Moo BBQ is a popular award-winning food truck business that is located in Florham Park, New Jersey.
  • Personal Trainer: Keith Thompson is a well known fitness trainer and founder of KTX fitness. He has appeared on a number of shows, including the Queen Latifah’s Show. He is followed by a lot of members from across the globe, and his facility is located in Atlanta Georgia.
  • Auto Repair: D.1 Auto Service, is an award winning top auto repair shop in Las Vegas, United States.