Market Mapping Of Small Offline Businesses


To identify companies that offer small/local offline businesses (such as self-employed or small retail businesses.)

Early Findings

  • From our findings, there are ten most popular small business categories in the United States, among these ten business categories, eight of them are off-line businesses. The eight most popular small, offline business categories are; health care, food services, recreation, personal trainer, auto repair, pet sitting, cafes and real estate. Below, we have provided the most popular companies that offer small/local businesses in some of these categories.
  • Health care: Eagle Rock Pharmacy is an example of a popular small retail business. They are located at 470 Pleasant Valley Way, West Orange, NJ 07052. They provide their community with pharmaceutical products, vitamins, supplements and medical supplies.
  • Food Services: Oink and Moo BBQ is a popular award-winning food truck business that is located in Florham Park, New Jersey.
  • Personal Trainer: Keith Thompson is a well known fitness trainer and founder of KTX fitness. He has appeared on a number of shows, including the Queen Latifah’s Show. He is followed by a lot of members from across the globe, and his facility is located in Atlanta Georgia.
  • Auto Repair: D.1 Auto Service, is an award winning top auto repair shop in Las Vegas, United States.

Proposed next steps:

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As our initial search provides four companies that operate small offline retail/self-employed businesses, we recommend additional research, to provide 7-10 other companies that operate small offline retail/self-employed businesses.
For further insight on this subject, we recommend another research on the ten most popular online retail businesses in the United States. We will provide their names, location, and revenue.