Research Outline

All-Clad and Made In Media Insights


To understand media spend for two DTC (direct-to-consumer) cookware companies, All-Clad [] and Made In []. Specific information of interest includes:

  • Media spend by channel, including broadcast TV, OTT video, digital video, social media, search, and influencer marketing for 2019-2021.
  • More general information on advertising spend may be of interest but would be less useful than spend by channel.

Early Findings

Data Availability

  • Data availability related to media spend by channel, or in total, is low. Media and/or marketing spend is typically unavailable in the public domain because this information is often considered proprietary and closely guarded by organizations (both public and private). Business Insider notes that even public companies are "not required to split out their advertising spend from their general SG&A expenses figure, and most don't want to share that kind of data with competitors."
  • Tools such as Kantar's Advertising Intelligence platform indicate some ability to provide related information via a paid engagement, but it is unclear the level of granularity that could be provided for these companies.
  • Given the lack of information surrounding media spend, we have pivoted our recommendations to focus on a deeper understanding of marketing initiatives and campaigns these organizations have executed between 2019 and 2021.


  • All-Clad maintains an active presence on Facebook and Instagram. Its Twitter account is less active (most recent communication from 2020), as is its YouTube account (with the most recent video from 4 months ago).
  • SpyFu estimates that most of the traffic to All-Clad's website is organic (78% past month US). SpyFu estimates the company's monthly Google Ads budget at $17,143.
  • SimlarWeb notes that 69% of traffic to All-Clad's website is driven by search (27% direct).
  • Digital and marketing specialist, Lauren Eiden, highlighted a 2019 social media campaign for All-Clad, which included "creating compelling and educational content featuring timely recipes, chef ambassadors, and relatable influencers." Success metrics included a 36% YOY increase in sales due to social promotion, 25% Instagram follower growth, and a lower cost-per-click (.91) than the industry average ($3.50).
  • In 2021, All-Clad highlighted a series of "activities, partnerships, and chef collaborations" to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The company did not provide spending figures associated with these events.
  • All-Clad also recently pledged $50,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), which will include "limited-edition products to fund the organization's research, curated recipes from BCRF nutritionists, breast cancer prevention tips and more" during October 2021.

Made In

  • In 2020, company founder Chip Malt said its focus marketing channels were Facebook, Instagram, podcasts, and TV. Malt says, "return on ad spend is really the most important metric we look at.
  • Videos are a significant element of its marketing, with Malt commenting, "We wanted storytelling to be an important part of our brand." Outbound marketing on Facebook and Instagram is a key part of the brand strategy, with Malt noting that "stories play a large role."
  • Malt says ambassador marketing is organic, conducted at no cost. Beginning in late 2018, chefs generally approached the company based on interest in the brand. Several chefs, including Tom Colicchio, are noted as chef ambassadors for the company.
  • SpyFu estimates that most of the traffic to MadeInCookware's website is organic (75%). SpyFu estimates the company's monthly Google Ad budget at $30,117.
  • iTV highlights a "Delivered to Your Door" TV MadeInCookware TV spot, which aired in 2020. Metrics (which may potentially include impressions and spend) require signup.


  • The first hour of research was spent assessing information availability in the public domain associated with marketing spend for the two companies of interest, All-Clad, and MadeInCookware.
  • As indicated earlier, information availability is low as marketing spend (in total or by channel) is typically not revealed by companies and is often considered proprietary competitive intelligence.
  • We provided some related publicly available information found within company press releases and interviews, estimated metrics and spend from several online platforms (SimilarWeb and SpyFu), and one TV spot for Made In that indicated spend for the spot may be available with signup.
  • Since we don't expect any level of marketing spend information to be available with further research (total or by channel), our further recommendations will pivot to understanding recent marketing initiatives for these two DTC cookware companies.