Research Proposal

Beverage Can Makers and Sustainability


To understand what activities these beverage can makers are undertaking to be perceived as sustainable by their customers in order to create a management overview:

Early Findings

Our initial research on activities that CANPACK is undertaking to be perceived as sustainable by their customers revealed insights. Here are some key pieces of information we found:

Canpack Group

  • CANPACK has a commitment to sustainability that is "core to our business strategy and corporate culture. By thinking and acting sustainably, we recognize our responsibility as an employer, a packaging manufacturer, a community member and a business partner."
  • The ultimate responsibility for strategy, policy content and implementation of sustainability activities is with the CANPACK Global Leadership Team and the CANPACK Sustainability Committee.
  • The CANPACK Sustainability Committee is responsible for: approving and reviewing strategy and priorities; reviewing performance of actions under sustainability pillars; discussing and addressing as appropriate important global sustainability challenges; and promoting sustainability.
  • The CANPACK Global Sustainability Office supports the implementation of CANPACK's sustainability strategy and measures CANPACK's sustainability performance and reports directly to the CANPACK Sustainability Committee.
  • Specific ways that the CANPACK Global Sustainability Office supports implementation and measures performance of the CANPACK Sustainability Policy are to: prepare non-financial reports relating to sustainability performance and practices; measure CANPACK's impact on the environment; cooperate with stakeholders on sustainability-related projects; and create and enhance environmental awareness within employees, suppliers, customers, and consumers.
  • The three Sustainability Pillars of CANPACK are: Care, Sustain, Recycle.
  • CANPACK cares by recognizing their responsibility towards employees, customers and communities and supports people who are in need through CANPACK foundation activities while also supporting programs that are focused on increasing environmental awareness.
  • CANPACK sustains by recognizing their responsibility to the environment and maintaining environmentally responsible operations that are compliant with global standards that they continue to seek to improve. CANPACK supports water stewardship by increasing water use efficiency, increasing the quality of wastewater generated, and supporting local freshwater issues. They also seeks to improve raw material and energy consumption efficiency through capacity building programs.
  • CANPACK recycles by designing and manufacturing fully recyclable packaging for their customers. They also continue to improve recycling rates through the collection of used beverage cans.
  • With a diverse global presence in "various geographic cultures and regions around the world", CANPACK emphasizes visible and connected sustainability activities with their employees, customers and communities that will have a "local and positive impact."
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