Research Proposal

We need a ranking of zip codes in Utah from most affluent to least affluent based on household income.


To compile a list of UTAH zip codes ranled by wealth, from the most to the least affluent.

Early Findings

  • The most affluent 25 zipcodes in Utah as determined by their Average Adjusted Gross Income include 84004, 84098, 84060, and 84108, with incomes between $81,910 and $181,470.
  • There are 270 different zip codes in Utah.
  • A list of the 50 wealthiest zip codes in Utah, using IRS data from 2008, the most recent one available, and data from the 2010 census, the latest one, ranks the zip codes by average Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).
  • Another list provides data wealth data by UTAH zip code for 200 zip codes.
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