Podcast Analysis


To provide audience engagement, audience comments, and compliance information for the podcast shows by Acast, Simplecast, Blubrry, Libsyn, Libsyn Pro, and Anchor.

Early Findings

IAB Compliance

  • To become a member the company needs submit several auditing samples, data queries, and have their business model evaluated. To reamin compliant, the company needs to send a minimum of three samples every year that will be audited by the IAB.
  • For that, the IAB uses specific measurement guidelines that can be viewed here.
  • It costs $7,500 to become VAST compliant and $10,000 to become OMSDK compliant. The renewal fees for both amount to $2,500 and $3,750 respectively.
  • According to the IAB database, Acast, Simplecast, Blubrry, and Libsyn are all IAB compliant.
  • The IAB Compliance Program allows companies to show their "credibility for adhering to a set of global industry technical standards in digital advertising and marketing supply chain."
  • It also increases the transparency and trust of the company and reduces its operational cost.
  • The companies receive an "IAB Tech Lab Compliance Seal that can be used on all marketing materials, displayed on their website, and included in their T&Cs."
  • The IAB compliance includes data transparency, integration of the VAST/OMSDK protocols, and podcast measurement.
  • IAB also gives the opportunity to apply for the IAB Tech Lab Measurement Compliance program, which is a program designed for companies that "want to measure digital campaign performance data across desktop, mobile, and video for agencies, brands, and marketers." The application for this program is separate from the general IAB Compliance program and its cost varies based on the company's needs.

  • We have created a spreadsheet for the companies where we will enter the required data for each show.

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