Research Outline

Ammunition Primer Manufacturing: United States


Identify (1) the types of ammunition primers, the differences, and the most popular/accepted types (2) The top 10 most popular calibers of ammunition in the United States (3) top manufacturers of ammunition primers in the United States and globally and a list of United States and global manufacturers that carry primers in stock (4) price per primer, a volume discount breakdown, delivery times, minimum order requirements, and maximum order limits, (5) regulations for importing primers to the United States from other countries and what licenses are required for buying, importing, or selling primers, and (6) What are ammunition priming machines, how much are they, how do they work, what materials are needed to make them, and is a license required for them.

Early Findings

Primer Types

  • There are two main types of primers used in the United States and one primer system:
    • Boxers: this primer uses a cup that holds the primer which is ignited by an anvil or hammer.
    • Berdan: this primer has an anvil built into the primer cup cartridge which requires two flash holes.
    • Rimfire: this is a system that uses a primer compound folded into the rim of the cartridge, this is not a separate primer.
  • Primers come in several sizes including the following:
  • Each primer size comes with standard and magnum varieties and can come in Benchrest primers, which is a higher quality primer that has more consistency.
  • In the United States, Boxers are the most common type. This is due to the ease of reloading the Boxer primer as Berdan primers take a lot of work to reload.

Popular Calibers In The United States

Competitive Landscape


In our initial search, we identified the types and sizes of primers sold in the United States as well as the most common primer and calibers used in the United States. For each type of primer, we also included a description of how they are made which is the only real differences between them. In order to move forward with this project, we provided a spreadsheet to easily view the requested competitive landscape in. In our initial hour, we only created the spreadsheet, additional research will be required to complete it as outlined below.