Research Outline

Influencer Marketing - Fashion


To understand the influencer marketing activities of ASOS Plus Size, Fashion Nova Plus, and ELOQUII.

Early Findings

Fashion Nova Plus

  • Fashion Nova Plus partners with over 3,000 influencers and has become known as "an Instagram brand."
  • In 2013, CEO Richard Saghian realized he needed an ecommerce presence and a way to promote it, so he started using Instagram, posting photos of his best-selling items.
  • The store's customers were already posting pictures of themselves wearing Fashion Nova clothing, after which Saghian started giving them free products in exchange for them doing more Instagram promotions.
  • Fashion Nova has celebrity influencers, such as Cardi B, who the company pays $20,000 per month to wear their clothing and post images for her 19 million Instagram followers.
  • Kylie Jenner is also a Fashion Nova influencer whose posts can garner up to $50,000 in sales for the company.
  • Nicki Minaj and Khloe Kardashian are also influencers for the brand.
  • The hashtags #NovaBabes or #NovaStars are used by customers, and the company likes and comments on each post, often sharing them on their own Instagram account.
  • Katie Hain, an influencer with almost 20,000 followers, often mentions Fashion Nova. She advocates for affordable fashion on her Instagram and YouTube accounts.
  • Fashion Nova is "one of Google's top trending fashion brands of 2018."
  • Fashion Nova posts new Instagram content every 30 minutes for its 15.6 million followers. It also has accounts specifically targeting men (@fashionnovamen with 1.4 million followers) and plus sizes (@fashionnovacurve with 2.7 million followers).
  • The company's collaborative collection with influencer Cardi B, which launched in May 2019, earned Fashion Nova $1 million in just one day.
  • Fashion Nova also uses nano-influencers, those who have fewer than 1,000 followers, because these influencers have a much higher engagement rate of 7.2%, compared to 1.1% for those with over 100,000 followers.


  • Eloquii recently partnered with Katie Sturino, a plus-size influencer, to launch a clothing collection in late 2017.
  • Emily Ho, a plus-size fashion blogger with over 8,800 Twitter followers, is an influencer for Eloquii.
  • Influencer marketing has been a key strategy for Eloquii's go-to-marketing plan, gaining insights about its customer's needs and desires.

ASOS Plus Size

  • Titilola, who has 73,000 social media followers, is an influencer for Asos.
  • Asos is increasing its investment in influencer marketing after a shaky six-month period.
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