U.S. Alcohol Consumption


Understand what United States cities have the most alcohol consumption for women and LGBT an what they drink as well as the top United States cities for tequilla consumption.

Early Findings

Tequila Consumption

  • In 2018, California and Texas were the states with the highest consumption of tequila consuming 3.9 billion and 2.4 billion 9-liter cases of tequila respectively.
  • Our initial search did not reveal any public data that identifies the exact cities where the most tequila is consumed, however, we did find the most popular cities for tequila drinkers bases on tequila themed bars and distilleries which are as follows:
  • The most popular tequila brands consumed in Los Angeles are as follows:

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial search found very little data that narrows down alcohol consumption in the United States by region AND demographic. Based on these findings we expect to triangulate the data through several sources to narrow down the exact cities for each demographic. We suggest continuing research to identify what the top 5 cities are in the United States for alcohol consumption in women and the LGBT community. For each demographic, we would also provide an overview of the most popular drinks for each demographic (beer, wine, spirits, etc.).
In addition, we could provide an overview of drinking in the United States as a whole. This would include drinking demographics (age, race, gender) and the most popular drinks per demographic.