To understand how different audiences are using Twitch.

Early Findings

  • Twitch users are mostly males, aged 18-34. The service sees 2.2-3.2 million monthly broadcasters.
  • General Twitch users watch on average 95 minutes per day, with 21.3% of viewing minutes coming solely from eSports. Fortnite is the single most popular game.
  • 21.3% of Twitch watchers are in the US. Germany and Russia have the next highest concentration of viewers, at around 6% each.
  • Twitch has around 15 million daily active users. Of these, 220,000 are Twitch Affiliates and 27,000 are Twitch Partners.
  • Affiliates and Partners can monetize their channels. Applicants are approved on a case-by-case basis and receive money from Twitch for subscriptions, "cheers" (microtipping) and ad revenue. To be approved, a channel must complete Twitch's "Path to Partner" program which involves standards in regular broadcasts, streaming and viewership minimums.
  • The record for non-tournament concurrent viewers was set by Ninja.
  • There are around 41,000 concurrent live channels at a given moment.
  • As of January 2019, the top 10 streamers for concurrent views were thegameawards, dota2ti, GamesDoneQuick, Fortnite, Doti2ti_ru, Overwatchleague, SinatixHD, FACEIT TV, Riot Games and LegitOpsII.
  • After it was purchased by Amazon, Twitch began seeking expansion into non-game content. It reportedly approached celebrities and influencers, hoping to pull some viewers from YouTube. Notable successes to date have been acquiring rights to Thursday Night Football (NFL) and some minor NBA games. It is slated to add wrestling and women's hockey to this sports mix.
  • Reportedly, some celebrities/influencers that Twitch approached tried the platform but ultimately did not continue with the service, preferring YouTube's setup.
  • Music/radio on Twitch is still not wildly successful, though there are some insights to note. EDM label Monstercat has a successful 24/7 livestream channel, and some musicians have successfully become full-time Twitch streamers. Red Bull has been trying to profit from the service, using its Red Bull Remix Lab with rapper T-Pain, remixing popular tracks with guest producers.
  • In March, the French government made the news by live-streaming its Great National Debate on Twitch in an effort to reach young people.
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