Research Proposal

AI/Robotics Key Player Contacts


To find contact information, preferably email addresses, for individuals or companies listed in the spreadsheet, and to populate column G with that information. If email addresses are unavailable, phone numbers are a good substitute, and a LinkedIn profile should be used as a last resort.

Early Findings

  • Rows 27, 38, 44, 45, 60 and 62 of the spreadsheet have been completed with information about the companies.
  • LinkedIn was used as a source for the size of the companies. A link to the LinkedIn profile of each examined company has been provided in column J.
  • The company location (column I) was found on the website of the analyzed companies, or on the Crunchbase page for the companies.
  • All sources listed in column J of the appropriate row were used to determine the sector (column B) that each analyzed company operates in.
  • A general contact email for each company has been provided in column G, along with the phone number of the company, where available.
  • Please note that the preliminary research has focused on rows in the spreadsheet that have several empty cells because more clarification is needed on the preferred approach for finding the data for those entries. Several options have been presented below.
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