Experiential Advertising Trend Statistics


To deliver a presentation by obtaining statistics/data on the trend of advertising moving away from an "interruptive" advertising model towards experiential advertising.

Early Findings

  • According to Tandem, one of the reasons behind brands turning to experiential marketing is the fact that an increasing number of people are using ad blockers. Also, fewer people are watching traditional TV spots.
  • EventTrack reports that 91% of consumers feel more positive about brands after attending experiences and events.
  • Also, 85% of consumers are more likely to patronize a service or product after attending a live marketing event.
  • As of 2016, EventTrack revealed that nearly all (98%) consumers create social or digital content at events and experiences.
  • Bizzabo reports that most businesses (62%) intend to invest more in live events in the future. These investments will increase both in the number of events and budgets.
  • According to a Freeman report, "9 in 10 marketers agree that brand experiences deliver more compelling engagement".
  • In terms of live events, the most successful businesses are spending about 1.7x more than the average marketing budget. Most (66%) of these organizations do not find it difficult proving event ROI.
  • In proving ROI, businesses are "leveraging event software systems that are integrated with core business platforms within their organization".
  • Bizzabo further states that businesses that use "multiple event software solutions have 2x more trouble demonstrating event ROI than those with one integrated event software solution".
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