Research Outline

B2B - Strategic Statements


To identify instances of strategic statements from the B2B firms that include elements of "passion" or "hope."

Early Findings

In our initial hour of research, we were able to identify a number of B2B firms that include some of the required terms in their mission statement. All the companies provided are mid-to-large B2B companies, although some of them do provide B2B services in addition to direct-to-consumer services. Below are some of our findings:

CISC Semiconductor GmbH

  • "CISC Semiconductor strives to offer its employees a surrounding that combines both, excellent quality of life and prospects to grow within an innovative company operating on an international scale. An optimum environment will stimulate the employees’ creativity and passion and generate maximum technical output."

Dow Chemical

  • "To passionately create innovation for our stakeholders at the intersection of chemistry, biology and physics."

Arcadia Services, Inc

  • "Our mission to deliver compassionate, quality, community-based home care and to provide health care staffing services to a wide range of facilities when care outside the home is needed."

WNS (Holdings) Ltd.

"We enable Clients to Outperform with our Passion for Service and Innovation."

Cree, Inc.

  • "The mission of Cree’s Customer Service function is to always convey a passion for the customer and to consistently deliver the best service experience."

In addition, we also searched for companies that include the term "hope" in their strategic statements. However, most B2B firms do not use the term and prefer to use the term "belief" instead, which is a close substitute for "hope." Below are some of our findings:

MetalSoft Inc.

  • "Our vision is to build a bridge between humans and machines through software technology. We believe that effective communication between humans and machines is the key to the future of the manufacturing industry."

First Midwest Bancorp, Inc.

  • "We are in the business of helping clients achieve financial success throughout their economic lives. We do so by focusing on the broad range of their financial needs and delivering quality services that truly fulfill those needs. We believe that only if each of us – those dealing directly with clients, as well as those who support client contact people – assumes personal responsibility for the financial success of every client we come in contact with, will their success be assured."


  • "We believe a significant part of our agency’s growth and success is attributable to our philosophy of serving every manufacturer with absolute integrity, objectivity and the highest level of professional competence."


  • "There's a lot of great tech out there. But at Workday, it revolves around the people. We love how confident yet kind this mission statement is. It observes the state of its industry -- which Workday believes lacks a human touch -- and builds company values around it."