Spreaker: Negative User and Professional Reviews


To gain information about negative user and professional reviews of Spreaker to be used in conducting a competitive analysis.

Early Findings

Spreaker has received many negative user reviews (from people using the service to listen to podcasts) that all seem to involve the same complaints.
  • One common negative user review topic involves the device's inability to find specific podcasts. Enabling Skill didn't make this process any more successful for some users who complained that Spreaker would either suggest alternative podcasts that were not what they wanted or would simply start playing a random podcast.
Spreaker has received many negative user reviews from people using the service to create and record podcasts, as well.

Negative reviews from people using Spreaker to record podcasts are
  • An inability to keep the mic adjusted at the level users choose. While recording, the mic volume will sometimes auto-adjust to the highest level no matter where it was set to begin with and leave the user with a distorted output. Also, Spreaker only supports one mic compared to other services that support two or more.
  • Spreaker doesn't allow for headphone use to check sound and isn't blue tooth or iOS compatible.
  • The screen freezing or the app crashing either during set up in the middle of the podcast.
  • Accounts getting mixed up resulting in users not being able to access their accounts. Then, when they do get access back, they discover that many (and sometimes all) of their past podcasts have been lost and can't be retrieved.
  • Glitches after updates that make Spreaker less enjoyable to use.
  • Finally, there were several reviews where people complained they couldn't get Spreaker to work at all and that the customer service experience dealing with this was terrible.

  • Finding negative professional reviews of Spreaker proved more challenging than finding negative user ones. Spreaker is well-regarded in the industry.
  • Spreaker is listed at number four on CNet's "7 Best Podcast Listening Apps in 2019."
  • Spreaker is also included in SoftwareFindr's "6 Best Podcast Hosting (2019 Compared)" list. SoftwareFindr rates Spreaker three out of five stars. Its editor review includes two negative comments. The first is that Spreaker's customer support is conducted only though email. The second is that Spreaker lacks features some of its competitors have.
  • Provideo Coalition doesn't necessarily give a negative review, but it does give Spreaker some constructive criticism concerning branding with the URL and on the show page itself on Spreaker's website.

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