Research Outline

The Sultan Business Pitch


To build an attractive pitch and sales plan to attract investors to finance the music/entertainment project "The Sultan". This pitch will be built with creative, captivating and plausible arguments, and should highlight the uniqueness of the concept.

Early Findings

The Sultan Concept: Competition

  • The fusion of oriental/Arabic music is not widespread at the moment.
  • Some artists include Massari and French Montana.
  • Some of Massari's songs such as Habibi and Inta Hayati blend elements of Arabic and western music.
  • French Montana is a famous American-Arab artist who wears a turban in his videos and also features elements of Arabic cultures in them. His "Famous" video is filmed in Morocco, one of his hits is called "Salam Alaykum", and he has collaborated with Maddiri in a song called "Shisha".

The Sultan Concept: Arab Fusion Music Popularity

  • In the UK, arabic-influenced club music is growing in popularity.
  • It is still a niche genre in Europe, but is attractive to clubbers as they are getting tired of conventional techno beats and looking for new sounds.
  • Oriental music, which is a mixture of Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian and Arabic tunes is gaining track in the West.