Research Outline

Associations for Gig Workers


Identify the top associations gig workers in America join and why they join them. For each association, determine how much it costs to join. If available, identify how many gig workers join each association and what types of gig jobs the workers hold.

Early Findings

The research team was unable to identify any survey of freelancers, gig workers or independent contracts that identified the top trade associations and/or professional organizations in which they are members. Instead, the research team looked individually at some trade associations/professional organizations that cater to freelancers/independent contractors as a whole and attempted to identify some of the larger organizations.

Freelancers Union

  • The Freelancers Union "is the largest and fast-growing organization" representing freelancers/independent workers, with 490,000+ members.
  • Membership in the union is free, and provides access to insurance benefits, community hubs for freelancers, resources and advocacy.

National Federation of Independent Contractors Association

  • The National Federation of Independent Contractors Association has 15,000 members who consist of independent contractors, small business owners, freelancers, and direct sellers.
  • Membership costs $5 per year and is focused on providing business tools, supplemental insurances, and discounts.

American Association of Independent Contractors (AAIC)

  • The American Association of Independent Contractors (AAIC) was created in 2005 for self-employed individuals. The number of members was not available.
  • Membership costs $9.99 per month and focuses on "insured, non-insured benefits and consumer savings programs."