Research Outline

Virtual Ice Breakers


To identify the top 10 virtual ice breaker games for a team of 10 members.

Early Findings

2 Truths and a Lie

  • Conceptboard and Lifesize have recommended this ice breaker game for virtual teams for building rapport and driving engagement.
  • This game requires each participant to type in three statements about themselves via any chat tool that the team is using; two statements should be true and one should be a lie. The rest of the team will then "like" or react to the statement which they think is the lie.
  • After each member has voted, the correct answer will be revealed and chat is opened up for further questions and discussion. "This type of icebreaker ensures participation from everyone involved and allows for some fun and creativity."

Must Choose

  • This is mentioned in Playmeo's top 10 list of online icebreaker games as one of their most successful zoom games.
  • A set of 5-10 questions are prepared in advance and requires each member to state their preference between 2 choices such as Coke and Pepsi or video games or board games.
  • Once all questions are asked, the results are shared for members to discuss their similarities and differences with others.


  • According to Conceptboard, trivia games are an engaging ice breaker for virtual teams. The general knowledge or company knowledge of team members is tested using multiple choice or true or false questions.
  • This game can also be played with team members split into groups so they can come up with the best answers to questions through chat or video conferencing with each other.