Research Proposal

Top News on ESG


To find the top news articles and themes on ESG ("environmental, social and governance") investing and sustainability within the context of ESG from top-tier publications.

Early Findings

Articles Found

  • The Motley Fool writes about how the growth in ESG investing has benefited companies like Beyond Meat. It also talks about how carbon labeling on food can also grow the market.
  • Fortune writes about how ESG investing has, so far, been generally led by women.
  • MorningStar discussed BlackRock's recently-released statement pointing to sustainability and ESG investing as the "new standard".
  • Bank of America's CEO also issued a similar statement recently. CNBC reports the company has committed $300 billion to sustainable business projects and already has over $25 billion in current ESG investments.
  • Business Insider found 20 ESG funds that actually out-performed the US market last year. Its point is that ESG investing can produce results as well as be socially responsible.
  • Nasdaq themselves describe ESG investing as at a "tipping point" in 2020.
  • Forbes has an article discussing a drawbacks of ESG investment growth. It found that coal assets in the US have been left stranded.
  • The Wall Street Journal writes that banks are screening borrowers for ESG risks but rejections are rare.
  • The newspaper has also written about BlackRock's recent statement.
  • The Financial Times equally digs into BlackRock's promises.
  • The New York Times writes about federal workers are not benefiting from ESG investing, as Congress hasn't transitioned funds away from things like tobacco and oil.
  • Also, the New York Times criticizes the overuse of the ESG label, discussing how not all funds labeled as such by major companies like BlackRock are, indeed, actually responsible.

Summary of Key Themes

  • There are several articles discussing BlackRock's statement about the future of ESG investing, and how the company is pledging to focus on it going forward.
  • Some articles generally discuss the growth and popularity of ESG investing, as well as how it can be just as profitable.
  • There are some articles discussing the drawbacks, dangers or other negative aspects of ESG investing.
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