Research Proposal

Content Marketing Trends


The goal is to find the top three trends in content marketing for brands.

Early Findings

  • Filterable lists are a 2020 content marketing trend. These lists allow clients to easily filter where they want to advertise and what type of content they have to create the ideal marketing tools.
  • Video content is set to be the second most popular marketing trend in 2020, with 62% of brands choosing to use video or live streams to advertise. It is a popular marketing tool because it keeps consumers engaged longer than other types of marketing.
  • Voice search is becoming more popular, so marketers are expecting to tailor more of their advertising to voice search. It is expected that over 50% of all web searches in 2020 will be conducted via voice search.
  • Going along with voice search, content marketers should create marketing that is designed to answer a question or request as that is the most common type of voice search.
  • Segmented email campaigns will remain a top trend in 2020. Consumers are 75% more likely to read a marketing email that is segmented than one that is not.
  • The main reasons for content marketing by brands in 2020 are expected to be increasing brand awareness, building credibility, and building brand loyalty.
  • Omnichannel marketing strategies are becoming increasingly important. Content marketers will need to work with their brand clients to create a customized omnichannel approach, going beyond just re purposing the same content for different platforms.
  • Conversational content marketing will be a trend in 2020. This includes things like chatbots and artificial intelligence. These are more popular with consumers because they allow a customized experience without the need to fill out a form and wait for a response.
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