Consumer Shopping Behavior


To identify the online and mobile shopping behavior of Babyboomers and Gen Z. This will be used to inform research on the online behaviors of both generations. Research should include information on industry categories, the amount spent, how they are spending, the percentage that purchase via a mobile device, and the percentage that owns a mobile device for each generation.

Early Findings

Mobile Shopping

  • Gen Z use on average five different screens, smartphone, TV, laptop, desktop, and tablet.
  • Gen Z spends between 6-9 hours a day on their devices.
  • In 2018, 65.6% of Babyboomers owned a smartphone. 55% of them owned a tablet.
  • The apps that Babyboomers download relate to healthy living, travel, and shopping.
  • 52% of Babyboomers use retail apps to research product information. 40% have made a purchase through a retail app.
  • 59% of Babyboomers are digital buyers. 33% of Babyboomers have shopped by a mobile phone in the last 6 months. 18% of Babyboomers had used a grocery app in last 6 months. 29% of Babyboomers prefer to redeem coupons and discounts on their phone.
  • 97% of Gen Z own a smartphone and spends more than 4 hours online daily.
  • 64% of Gen Z say they are online constantly. 58% say it is important to be accessible all the time.
  • Gen Z converts twice as often as any other generation when on a mobile app. They view 62% more pages than any other demographic when shopping online.
  • 80% of Gen Z are influenced by social media when making purchase decisions.


  • There is a substantial amount of information available online regarding the online shopping behaviors of these generations. Numerous studies have been completed in respect to both generation.

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