Green Products: Canada vs. US


To understand the differences between Canada and the US as it relates to attitudes around the environment and specifically single use plastic products. To understand whether there is a need adjusting mass advertising messaging developed for the US as they are brought to Canada.

Early Findings

US versus Canada: Gen Zers

  • Canadian Gen Zers are less attracted to social and environmental-friendly products.
  • In a survey, 38% of American Gen Zers prefer products that have a social mission while only 20% of Canadian Gen Zers preferred the same.
  • 57% of Americans would prefer environmentally sustainable products versus 55% of Canadians.
  • 37% of Americans would be willing to pay a premium to get sustainable products versus 31% of Canadians.
  • 60% of Americans are affected by influencer endorsement.
  • Only 42% of Canadians are moderately affected by influencer endorsement.
  • Marketing to Canadians and Americans is affected by the amount of time spent on their mobile devices. 53% of Americans spend over 5 hours per day on their mobile phone versus 31% of Canadians.

Proposed next steps:

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