Research Outline

Psychology of the "Golden Hour"


To compile a list of insights or statistics addressing the psychology behind why people enjoy the "golden hour." Research will be used to assist with brand positioning for a consumer packaged goods (CPG) company.

Early Findings

For the purposes of this research, "golden hour" is defined as a colloquial term describing the period immediately before sunrise or sunset when the sun's light is warmest in terms of the Kelvin scale. Initial research indicates that there is little information available discussing the psychology behind people's enjoyment of the "golden hour" that uses that term specifically unless it is the context of photography. However, there is information that addresses the psychological basis for enjoying sunrises and sunsets.

Insight #1: The Color Psychology of Sunrise and Sunset

  • According to color psychology, the orange-gold light of sunrise or sunset can inspire happiness, energy, and warmth.
  • Pink is another color, associated with sunrise in particular, that can trigger joy, creativity, and even euphoria.
  • Shades of red are associated with intensity, warmth, and power.