Research Outline

Ready-To-Drink Tea Market Research


To understand the ready-to-drink (RTD) iced tea market. Specifically, to find at least 3 case studies of RTD tea brands that have grown in terms of market share in the last five years. These brands should have broken through consumers culturally.

Early Findings

Top RTD Tea Brands in the United States

  • According to these two lists here (screenshot here) and here, the top three RTD brands in the United States in terms of sales are the following:
    • Lipton Pure Leaf: The brand is holding a market share of 18.1%, increasing by 0.3% from 2018.
    • AriZona: The brand is holding a market share of 14.3%, which is the same value from 2018.
    • Gold Peak: The brand is holding a market share of 10.1%, increasing by 0.2% from 2018.

Case Study: Lipton Pure Leaf

  • An example of a brand that creates messaging that resonates with their consumers is Pure Leaf. In 2020, the brand launched its first-ever purpose-driven campaign: "No Is Beautiful."
  • "The campaign is derived from and celebrates the way Pure Leaf embraces the word 'no' when brewing iced tea. It also "aims to inspire people to say "no" to the things that do not matter in tea and in life, so they can say "yes" to more of the things that do."
  • Pure Leaf claimed that new research they conducted revealed that "always saying yes and over-committing is a major problem, where almost 70% of both men and women revealed feeling some pressure, especially in their professional lives. This burden is leading to unprecedented stress, particularly for women, half of whom revealed that they don't feel empowered to say no to things in their professional lives, while only a third (34%) of men share the same sentiment. Almost all women, 85%, agreed that taking on too many tasks negatively affects their quality of life and 86% agreed that being able to simply say no to more undesired asks would feel liberating. "
  • The campaign's components included a 60-second TV ad and a "light-hearted digital series titled, Once Upon a No, which reimagines classic fairy tales to show how the word "no" can be beautiful."

Summary of Our Early Findings Relevant to The Goals

  • While there is no publicly available list of RTD tea brands that have grown in terms of market share in the last five years, we identified the top brands as the brands with the highest sales revenue. However, the case study we included is for a brand that experienced an increase in its market share between 2018-2019.
  • Our initial research indicated that the information about the RTD iced tea is limited, while the information surrounding the RTD tea market is readily available. Based on the availability of the information, we are suggesting shifting the research towards the RTD tea market.
  • Since a specific geographic focus was not indicated, we are assuming that this research is focused on the United States. If another targeted market is requested (the United StatesKingdom or globally for example), please let us know in any reply.
  • Our recommendations are based on our findings in early research.