Research Outline

Liquid Organic Fertilizers


The goal is to determine the key players and customers/industries of liquid organic fertilizer in the US, as well as market size and trends.

Early Findings

  • Grow Organic supplies Peaceful Valley organic liquid fertilizer in various types such as kelp or fish.
  • BudJuice is a company located in New Jersey that manufactures organic liquid fertilizer.
  • OceanSolution offers a liquid organic fertilizer that contains 90 natural minerals.
  • OceanSolution's fertilizer is used and well-liked by commercial farmers of edible foods, landscapers, and hydroponic growers.
  • FoxFarm offers various liquid organic fertilizers. Some are specific to hydroponic gardens or flower gardens.
  • One report suggests that some main use cases for liquid fertilizer, including organic, is grains, commercial crops, and oilseeds. This is supported by another report from MarketWatch.


We were unable to find any market sizing on liquid organic fertilizer in the US. The information that was found was behind paywalls and, therefore, we could not access it. We also found that the information that is available is broad, such as liquid fertilizers in general, and breakdowns that are specific to organic liquid fertilizers are behind paywalls as well. We also did not find any ranking of key players of liquid organic fertilizer, so we have included some general players that are located in the US.