Valuation Report for Remedient Biomed Technologies


To provide industry metrics and valuation report for the dental medical company Remedient Biomed Technologies.

Early Findings

Industry Metrics Search Results

  • We found no industry metrics, business profiles or company website for Remedient Biomed Technologies.
  • There was no business profile for Remedient Biomed Technologies in Hoovers.
  • We found no business profiles for Remedient Biomed Technologies in Crunchbase or Owler.
  • What we found are LinkedIn profiles of the startup team but linked to no separate company page.
  • Only Trademarks Justia showed a relevant result for the company and its product Gum Guard. There were also no active website link as well.

Business Valuation

  • According to the attached document, Remedient Biomed Technologies is in the pre-production and pre-marketing phase of its product: "Production of the GumGuard is scheduled to commence December 2019 with marketing to commence the first quarter of 2020."

Proposed next steps:

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