COVID-19 Crises: AR/VR Business Opportunities


To provide a list of new business opportunities available for AR/VR in the Covid crisis. This will help in writing a white paper.

Early Findings

Communicate and Collaborate

  • According to a publication by Prolific North, "Virtual reality, augmented reality, and cross reality (XR) can be used to help designers work side-by-side without leaving their homes."
  • Seymourpowell is one company leading the way. The company created a system known as Reality Works which uses VR technology to enable its employees work collaboratively from remote locations.
  • Reality Works allows the company's teams to"dial in and participate in the design process via tablets, phones and VR headsets. The design engineering company hasn’t let lockdown get in the way of them producing amazing results - using Reality Works to communicate and collaborate on exciting new projects."
  • Reality Works was originally designed by the comapny for automotive design, allowing its transport team to collaboratively create full scale 3D vehicle designs within a virtual reality design studio.
  • The company has modified the tools functionality to help team members communicate and collaborate during the lock down period.
  • According to Seymourpowell, "due to lockdown measures, we have been providing a lot of urgent digital communications solutions for clients. This has helped them support their customers, patients, suppliers and employees to maintain communication and contact, to preserve and keep their businesses operating."

Research proposal:

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