To get a detailed company profile for ConnectWise, including details like current CMO, current agency of record, locations/HQ, annualized revenue, company overview, competitors.

Early Findings

Our first round of research unveiled the following information:



  • ConnectWise is a technology services company that works with technology solutions providers TSPs and provides them with an advanced platform to strengthen their as-a-service offerings. The company offers tech products and solutions that help with "business management, remote monitoring and management, remote control and access, quote and proposal automation, and cybersecurity risk assessments, integrations."
  • "It regarded as a leader and pioneer in the managed service provider (MSP) and broader IT services space; for nearly 40 years, the company has been the market leader in providing the most comprehensive integrated software solutions to its community of partners."

Products and Services

  • The company has developed technology solutions for different industry segments, including business management, sales, marketing, finance and billing, IT and service management, and cloud services.

Product Offerings

  • ConnectWise Manage helps with professional services automation, ConnectWise Control offers tools for handling remote control and remote access, ConnectWise Automate tackles remote monitoring and management, ConnectWise Sell deals with quote and proposal automation, and ConnectWise Identify facilitates tools for cybersecurity risk assessment. The ConnectWise Suite is an overall solution that offers technology service providers with ease to tackle everything from sales to finance on a single platform.

Financial Information

  • "ConnectWise's annual revenues have reached $243 million, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25 percent."
  • "Over the past three years, ConnectWise's EBITDA rose at an 81% compound annual growth rate."
  • The company has 161,000 users and about 24,098 partners. It also has a strong network of partner groups who manage nearly 6.5 million endpoints.
  • The tech services giant has acquired multiple entities between 2015 and 2019. These include ScreenConnect (Mar 10, 2015), App-Care LLC (Oct 06, 2015), Sienna Group LLC (Dec 04, 2018), HTG Peer Groups (Jan 04, 2018), Continuum Managed Services (Oct 31, 2019) and ITBoost (Oct 30, 2019).
  • Thoma Bravo, a private equity investment firm, acquired ConnectWise in February 2019.
  • Engagency is or has been an agency of record for ConnectWise.
  • The company has about 739 employees, as per an estimate by Zoominfo.

Executive Team

  • Jason Magee is the chief executive officer for ConnectWise, and Arnie Bellini is the senior advisor. ConnectWise has appointed Jeff Bishop as the chief product officer, and Craig Fulton is the chief customer officer. The company also has Jen Locklear as its chief talent officer; Josh Poe serves as the chief legal officer and executive vice president. Scott Marshall tackles marketing and is senior vice president of marketing and community. Steve Farnan is the senior vice president of sales.
  • ConnectWise has Hal Edwards as its chief marketing officer.


  • The global headquarters of the company is located in Tampa, Florida, USA. It has two regional offices; one in Bothell and the other one is in Raleigh. ConnectWise also has offices in Australia and the United Kingdom.

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