Pollo Tropical


The goal is to determine company info for Pollo Tropical such as revenue, number of employees, executive names, and locations.

Early Findings

  • The CMO of Fiesta Restaurant Group, which owns Pollo Tropical, is Hope Diaz. She was appointed in September 2019.
  • We could not find any recent information on who Pollo Tropical's agency of record is. The most recent source we found is from 2013 and listed PYRO as their agency of record.
  • Pollo Tropical has an annual revenue of $165.9 million, which has decreased 2.1%.
  • Fiesta Restaurant Group had a 2018 revenue of $688 million.
  • The restaurant has 177 locations. It appears from their location map on their website that all of their current locations are in Florida.
  • In 2018, the company shut down 14 locations in Florida and Georgia.
  • Pollo Tropical has approximately 5,600 employees.
  • In 2017, the average annual sales per restaurant was $2.5 million.

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