Sacred Pepper


To gain an understanding of the company Sacred Pepper by obtaining the following information: current CMO, competitive set, company earnings/revenue, location, ownership group (child companies), employee base, and current agency of record.

Early Findings

  • Sacred Pepper is a Contemporary American restaurant with Italian flair. It defines itself as not just a restaurant, but a "dining destination where everything that happens around the table is considered sacred." Using locally-sourced ingredients when possible combined with the freshest meats and seafood, pasta and sauces made from scratch, and a selection of globally inspired "modern, traditional, and pre-prohibition cocktails," Sacred Pepper is focused on "providing inspiring flavors and delicious experiences."
  • Sacred Pepper is located at 15405 N Dale Mabry Hwy , Tampa, FL 33618
  • Sacred Pepper does not list anyone as its CMO on its website. A search of Sacred Pepper employee profiles on LinkedIn provided the names of employees in various positions but none with the title of CMO. The following management team members and the positions they hold are provided on the company's website: Candy DeBartolo - owner, James Maita - Executive Chef, Chad Bash - General Manager, Joe Petrella - Director of Operations, and Enrique Crespo - Interior Designer.
  • Sacred Pepper is a privately-owned company. Like many private companies, Sacred Pepper does not make its annual earnings/revenue publicly available on its website. A search of other sites that provide revenue or estimated revenue information, including Owler, D&B Hoovers, and Glassdoor, did not provide this information.
  • Sacred Pepper is owned by Candy DeBartolo. Candy is a member of Bartolo Holdings and Bartolo Development Group, which makes Sacred Pepper one of DeBartolo Holdings' many affiliate companies. Additional companies owned by DeBartolo Holdings include DeBartolo Family Foundation, DeBartolo Sports & Events, PDQ, D-Terra Solutions, and Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School.
  • Sacred Pepper does not make any mention of its marketing practices on its website. Since it is an affiliate company of DeBartolo Holdings, we may be able to assume that marketing is handled through DeBartolo Holdings' management team.

Proposed next steps:

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As the initial research did not touch on Sacred Pepper's competitive set, we recommend finding five competitors of Sacred Pepper. All the competitor restaurants must be located in Tampa, Fl. They must meet this additional criteria: They must: 1) be a Contemporary American (with a cultural flair, preferably Italian) 2) use locally-sourced ingredients (when possible), 3) not be part of a regional or national restaurant chain.
Additionally, we recommend using the five competitor restaurants provided by the results of the first proposed next step to create a competitive landscape. The competitive landscape would include each restaurant's name, address, a brief 3-5 description of the restaurant (history/ambiance/environment), the menu and prices (price ranges would be given for each menu group with a link to the menu), if the restaurant takes reservations, accepts walk-ins, or both, and a brief 3-5 description if the restaurant's competitive advantage/what makes it different. A link to the Google doc spreadsheet is here:
Additionally, as the initial research did not touch upon the employee base, we recommend looking into Sacred Pepper's employees by looking into available LinkedIn pages, press releases, the company website, etc. We can look for information on employee base salary/pay, but as this is a private company, that information will probably not be publicly available.