New or innovative tobacco products


To gain information on new or innovative tobacco products entering the worldwide market.

Early Findings

  • Philip Morris International has developed two products which heat the tobacco, instead of burning it, to create a smoke-free product. One product uses an electric heater (IQOS), while the other (TEEPS) utilizes a carbon heat source.
  • Altria, has also announced they are working on other innovations, such as nicotene-containing oral products, e-vapour and other types of inhalables.
  • Smoky Mountain Chew has introduced Airio, which is a pressurized filter that can remove around half the chemicals (including tar) usually found in cigarettes.
  • The Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) will next be held in January 2020. It is generally seen as one of the largest places to find new offerings in the tobacco industry.
  • Searching for news stories from this year's TPE was not fruitful in finding any further new or innovative products.
  • Since PMI are leading the way in most news coverage about new or innovative tobacco products, websites of other major global tobacco companies were checked for possible product announcements.
  • Reynolds American has stated they are also interested in non-combustible products, along with British American and Japan Tobacco, though specific announcements have yet to be made. Japan Tobacco's heated product is called Ploom.
  • Imperial Brands is working on developing vapour, heated tobacco and oral nicotine products. Pulze, their heated tobacco product, is being piloted in Japan.
  • E-cigarettes are evolving to be able to hold multiple flavor compartments.
  • Innovations like smart e-cigs (that can automatically reorder e-liquid) are predicted.
  • No information on other tobacco-based product innovations (like cigars or oral) was found during this initial research phase.
Proprietary Research Available
  • Bolster your final deliverable with proprietary research from TechNavio for an additional $2,500. This research includes a full analysis of the global heat-not-burn tobacco market.
  • Additionally, there is research from EuroMonitor for an additional $1,325. This research includes information about predicted disrupters to the global cigarette industry.

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